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Brand identity


Ask the museum’s communication service for the complete style guide.

Download our logo in different formats below.

Download logo

Please respect the distances and proportions.
The figurative mark may never be the same height as the word mark.
Do not align the bottom of the figurative mark with the bottom of the word mark.
Never adapt the distance between the word mark and the figurative mark.


The museum’s name is Design Museum Gent. There is a space in between each of the three words, which are all capitalised. The name is never translated and is never preceded by an article. In other words, we never use the Design Museum Gent, Design Museum or Design Museum Ghent.


The museum uses two fonts: Poppins and DMG.

The brand identity font is Poppins by The Indian Type Foundry. This font is free.

Download font

DMG is a custom font and an extension of three sets of capitals and a number of symbols for the Poppins font. The font can be freely used for all designs created within the museum and as part of its communication. It can be obtained from the museum’s communication service.